Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Through our national presence and international referral network, we have built and unparalleled dispute resolution practice.

We handle all forms of arbitrations and alternative dispute resolutions.

International Arbitration

Given that arbitration – and international arbitration in particular – has traditionally been the prevailing dispute resolution venue preferred by international and major domestic companies worldwide in important commercial transactions, we have long devoted specific attention and a significant amount of resources into building our capabilities in this area.

Special Disputes

Among other forms of disputes, we are particularly well versed in the following types of disputes that require specialist knowledge:

Employment disputes

We assist in the resolution of all forms of employment disputes, including mediation and negotiation with employees (and trade unions), as well as the handling of arbitration and litigation.

International trade disputes

We have particular expertise with disputes involving anti-dumping regulations in major jurisdictions, such as China and the European Union.

Intellectual property disputes

We act on disputes involving protection and enforcement of rights in all forms of intellectual property. We prosecute and defend infringement cases, unfair competition actions, internet and technology-related disputes, franchise disputes, false advertising claims, trade secrets litigation and restrictive covenants as well as other claims relating to intellectual property.