We assign the right talent to every client issue.

In worldwide established and emerging markets, we assign the right talent to every client issue, regardless of where the client is. Our professionals, lawyers and consultants, are integral, long-standing members of the community, giving our clients insights into the international and local business environment alongside our experience in multiple jurisdictions.

We recruit and develop the very best talent, who can enjoy the best careers by fostering an inclusive and ambitious environment. We work to create the best team with the motivation of driving collaboration between lawyers and our business professionals, as ‘one team’.

Strong Expertise of our team

Our team has strong expertise across a wide range of disciplines with the goal of delivering a differentiated client experience and excellent client solutions. Our lawyers and consultants, they are working shoulder to shoulder with our clients to deliver the best outcomes in the world’s largest economies as well as newly opening markets.

Our professionals combine a passion for the law with deep experience and insights to achieve the goals of our clients. All of the members of our team are bilinguals with our working languages to be Greek, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

All of our professionals are experts in their fields.

The exposure of our professionals to multiple jurisdictions worldwide has created a comparative advantage for our firm. All of our professionals are experts in their fields with specialization in sector and practices to provide world class quality legal and professional services.